North Front Range Water Quality Planning Association (NFRWQPA) is the designated Section 208 planning agency under the Federal Clean Water Act for the region of Larimer and Weld County. NFRWQPA represents its member entities in water quality legislative and regulation setting actions. The primary goal is to provide regional land-use management planning mechanisms for reasonable, feasible, and economical wastewater services to areas designated for development within the South Platte watershed. While considering the water quality impacts, the wastewater treatment systems, and interrelated wastewater utility service areas’ nonpoint pollution sources will have on receiving waters in the river basins. Including groundwater influences by those management agencies with groundwater discharges.

Mission Statement
NFRWQPA uses collaborative regional planning, facilitation, and review to ensure that present and future wastewater needs are met economically and with a focus on water quality protection.


Regional Location

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Vision Statement
As an advocate for our streams, lakes, and communities, NFRWQPA aspires to be a highly respected regional leader in resolving water quality planning issues and a source of reliable information and data, regulatory interpretation, and thoughtful comment on proposals. It is a unifying force in regional long term wastewater and water quality planning, ensuring that wastewater service is provided with coordination of effort and technical expertise.

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